Festival dates: April 13 - 14, April 27 - 28, May 4 - 5, 2019

2019 Syllabus is available here!

Special Announcement!

"We're excited to announce that YMF 2019 Best of Festival (Piano and Violin) and Best of Concerto (Piano) will be nominated for a performance with Northumberland Orchestra & Choir, with Music Director Maestro John Kraus, during their 2019/20 season at a concert dedicated to showcasing young talent!"


Participants who have placed First in the following classes can re-enter those classes:

Violin Recital Class - Open (V-RL-OP)
Piano Recital Class - Open (P-RL-OP)
Piano Concerto Class - Open (P-CL-OP)
Bach Prelude & Fugue Class (P-BA-PF)

Past recipients of the following awards can re-enter YMF in the same category
but ONLY in a HIGHER age-group:

Best of Recital (Violin and Piano)
Best of Concerto (Piano)

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