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  • Yip’s Music Festival 2019 is scheduled on April 13, 14, 27, 28, and May 4, 5. All of these dates fall on weekends, accommodating busy weekday schedules.
  • Total amount of best of grade trophies and commendation prizes amount to approximately $10,000 annually.
  • Yip’s Music Festival is situated in the Markham area. The Festival will take place at Yip’s Canada’s Main Campus (Warden Ave. & 14th Ave.) and Unionville Campus (Brimley Rd. & 14th Ave.).
  • The YMF 2019 Jury Panel invite exceptional winners to participate in the 2019 Ontario Provincial Finals.
  • Two adjudicators will be present for every competitive class starting from Grade 8.
  • Our past adjudicators include Alde Calongcagong, Alice Der-Kevorkian, Allison Arends, Alma Petchersky, Amanda Lee, Andrew Markow, Amber Morphy, Angel Wang, Annalee Paptipatanakoon, Annie New, Antonin Kubalek, Atis Bankas, Brandon Chui, Bronson Kwan, Cecile Desrosiers, Christine Turgeon, Carol Pei, Daryl Irvine, Doris Mahoney, Elaine Choi, Eleanor Gummer, Erika Raum, Erika Crino, Fiona Jane Wood, Frederick Yiu, Georgiana Balanica, Gloria Saarinen, Gwen Beamish, Heidi Saario, Helen Torney, Henry Janzen, Hiroko Kawaga, Hyung-Sun Paik, Ian Green, Ida Neufeld, Irene Tandberg, James Fraser, James Lawless, James Parker, James Tweedie, Jane Quinn, Jennifer Knelman, Jin-Shan Dai, Jill Diane Fillon, Joan Barrett, John Graham, Julian Fisher, Karen Michele Kimmett, Karen Quinton, Karl Pang, Katherine Rapoport, Kelly Parkins-Lindstrom, Paule Barsalou, Kenneth Yip, Laurie Evan Fraser, Leslie Kinton, Lisa Iwasaki, Lisa Thiessen, Lorraine Muter Humber, Lydia Wong, Lynda Metelsky, Marie Fabi, Marion Miller, Midori Koga, Nir Eitan, Patty Chan, Peggy Wong, Peter Seminovs, Peteris Zarins, Pierre Yves Gagnon, Reginald Miller, Robert Graham, Scott St. John, Shirley Kwok, Sonia Klimasko, Stephan Sylvestre, Susan Dennis, Tak Kwan, Tom Mueller, Thomas Plaunt, Vanessa Hsu, Wendy Potter, Wen Zhao, Xiao Grabke, Zachary Ebin.
  • Please visit our website at for the online version of our 2019 syllabus,and spread the word about the Festival!