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General Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants who have placed First in any class in previous years are NOT eligible to compete in the same class again, with the following EXCEPTIONS:
    •  past winner of Best of Recital - OPEN (Violin and Piano) award can re-enter that Recital Class - Open (V-RL-OP & P-RL-OP);
    •  past winner of Best of Concerto - OPEN (Piano) award can re-enter that Concerto Class - Open (P-CL-OP);
    •  past winner of Best of Bach can re-enter the Bach- Prelude and Fugue Class (P-BA-PF).
  2. Past recipients of the following awards can re-enter YMF in the same category but ONLY in a HIGHER age-group: - Best of Recital (Violin and Piano); - Best of Concerto (Piano)

           Commendation Prizes / Trophies

  1. Trophies will be awarded to all participants who have attained first in class.
  2. Commendation prizes are available to individual First Place winners who have have attained a mark of 88 or more.
  3. Commendation prizes associated with Annual Trophies (refer to page 3 for the list) are awarded and decided by the governing authority of the YMF Committee, based on the recommendation of the Jury Panel.
  4. To be eligible for Best of Grade awards and Commendation prizes, competitors must have entered in at least two classes in the SAME RCM grade
  5. To be considered eligible for Best of Festival Award, the competitor must have received First Place in at least 2 classes.
  6. YMF reserves the right to do live recordings on all performances as well as all other recordings of concerts and events related to the Festival. These recordings may be used for transmission in all media.
  7. Commendation prize recipients must be present for the prize giving ceremony following the Gala Concert. In the event if one cannot attend, a designated representative by the recipient may be substituted. This procedure requires authorization in written form and must be submitted at least 7 days before the Gala Concert. Please read the GALA CONCERT & PRIZE-GIVING CEREMONY Section as well.

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