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General Rules & Regulations

Programme Procedure

  1. A Confirmation Email with the designated competition venue and online ID will be distributed two weeks prior to the first week of the Festival.
  2. The YMF Committee shall decide on the order in which the classes will take place including the order the competitors will perform in each class.
  3. Competitors should be aware that classes will be scheduled at the discretion of the YMF Committee on any of the 6 days of the Festival. No accommodations will be granted under any circumstances.
  4. Competitors must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the class. The YMF Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor who is not present or not ready to play when called in order.
  5. Accompanists are the responsibility of the competitors. Programme order will not be changed under any circumstances to accommodate accompanists. Recorded accompaniment is not permitted.
  6. All candidates must ensure that bar numbers are indicated on the score. Please select original scores that include such notation as this facilitates the adjudication process. Should one choose a score without, then it is the responsibility of the competitor to indicate such notation in the music.
  7. All pieces must be performed from memory with the exception of non-competitive classes or unless otherwise indicated. Candidates who fail to comply with this rule will be given comments only. No mark or placement will be awarded.
  8. Only ONE study is required to be performed in the Piano Study Class.
  9. Rehearsal on site and offstage facilities are neither permitted nor arranged.
  10. Photography, audio, and video recording of Festival proceedings are strictly prohibited. Only YMF members or sanctioned personnel as hired by YMF are allowed access to such equipment.
  11. During competition, in order to ensure absolute fairness, communication with the adjudicator(s) in any form is strictly prohibited by any person other than YMF personnel. Necessary questions from a competitor must be directed to the adjudicator assistant or to a member of the YMF Committee. No teachers, participants, or members of the public should directly contact the adjudicator(s) at any time during the Festival year on any matters.
  12. All test pieces must be performed without repeats, with the exception of a Da Capo.
  13. Competitors MUST bring along the original copy of the music to be performed regardless of whether that particular class requires memorization or not. For works requiring accompaniment, bring two original copies: one for the adjudicator(s) and one for the accompanist.
  14. No photocopies of test pieces will be allowed in the Festival unless the competitor provides proof of legal authorization from the publisher.
  15. Competitors must perform test pieces as stated on the application form. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  16. Cell phones and other electronic devices cannot be used and must be turned off. Only members of YMF may be permitted to use such devices for communication and security purposes. Anybody in violation of this rule will be asked to leave the room, should an incident occur which causes a disturbance.

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