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Alde Calongcagong

"The YMF is one of the finest music festivals in Canada. Students will benefit from the opportunity to perform on a Steinway grand piano and receive commentary from two adjudicators. I was thoroughly impressed by the high standard of piano playing and it was a treat to hear so many wonderful performances.”

Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2017

Allison Cecilia Arends

“...I had heard wonderful things about Yips Music Festival already from my colleagues, and I cannot speak highly enough of my own experiences. The organization was wonderfully organized, warm, and welcoming. All things were extremely well thought-out, from the certification process, the scheduling, the scholarships, all providing a stress-free experience for the adjudicator and a calm and supportive environment for the children...”

Voice & Musical Theatre Adjudicator, YMF 2018

Erika Raum

“I have always believed that competitive music festivals are an indispensable ingredient to a young performer’s development.... [Yip’s Music Festival] demands high standards from participants, but also creates the kind of encouraging experience that allows the kids to walk away enriched regardless of the outcome.”

Violin Adjudicator, YMF 2016

Fiona Jane Wood

"It was an absolute pleasure to adjudicate senior piano at the YIPS Music Festival 2015. The teaching and level of students was nothing short of remarkable.  The festival is exceptionally well organized and provides an invaluable opportunity to developing musicians and minds.  The experience of performing for both their peers and adjudicators in such an environment will undoubtedly enhance the musical achievement of all who participate and it is an essential element of becoming not only a well rounded musician but more importantly- a person with a a profound connection to the arts."

James Lawless

“Thank you for inviting me to adjudicate the 16th annual Yip’s Music Festival 2014. I appreciated the exemplary organization of the Festival, the fine work of the students, the patience and understanding of the parents and teachers...”

Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2014

Jennifer Knelman

"It was a privilege to adjudicate at the Yip's Music Festival. I was impressed by the standard of playing, but also by the professionalism exhibited by the organizers. Yip's students are lucky to have people who dedicate their time to ensure students have a successful event, and gain invaluable experience."

2016 Piano Adjudicator

Marion Miller

“...Passion and excellence are found in abundance with careful attention paid to all details - the pianos are lovely, the organization just terrific...; many classes have co-adjudicators which means that students get two appraisals, the helpers and parents are supportive and the students are truly exceptional.”

Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2018

Reginald Miller

"I was pleased to adjudicate the Yip’s 2016 Music Festival. The standard of playing was high and candidates were receptive and eager to improve. The festival was very well organized and administered."

2016 Piano Adjudicator

Roxanne Chan

“The annual Yip’s Music Festival plays an important role in my children’s music journey. From choosing a song, practicing, and to the actual Festival, my children learn to be responsible, to do their best, and most importantly, to enjoy music. Through the Yip’s Music Festival, my children not only gain valuable training from their teachers but also receive great advice and encouragement from adjudicators. Thank you Yip's!”

Parent of 2014 YMF Participant